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AVS Free Video Editing Software: The Best We Have For Windows

When it comes down to getting an editing tool that is free and worthy of downloading, AVS Free video Editing Software is the first thing that pops in our mind. As iPhone users find every opportunity to compliment iMovie, the same way users from Windows praise the existence of AVS. It is because AVS is fairly the only free version available for video editing that contains all the features of a professional video editor like iMovie or Adobe Premiere.

Why AVS Free Video Editing Software?

Video editing is not as easy as picture editing. It is a more hectic business if you are really considering optimum results. It does sound like a complicated field in the beginning but getting along with a nice video editor can make things easier for you.

This is where we support AVS free video editing software as it helps making the beginning steps of editing quite straightforward. But this does not mean it carries a user-interface that is basic and monotonous. The program follows a classy editing layout that embraces areas of preview window, timeline, and media library. You can capture videos from an ample variety of external options and work with your project. Later, you can save your treasure in different formats according to the target platforms. These platforms include multimedia device, computer file, burned disc or even web page.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that AVS has a very exciting menu-creation tool when you burn things on DVD. This plus point also comes under the fact that AVS is super easy to use. Consider yourself stuck on the menu, the first thing you see as you put DVD into player – not a good picture, right? The menu is simple, with appropriate options with templates that can easily rule on your heart.

The Best Side of AVS

Apart from having an easy-to-navigate timeline that is a treat to the eyes, AVS has aced many other departments. It has an inspiring transition library. There are more than 600 options with about 70 options of effects to select from. You can turn your dull footage into a much more tuned one with these available options.

If you are using Windows and want the free version of AVS video editor as a beginner, you can download it from here. Read a detailed review on AVS features by clicking on the link here.

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