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AVS Video Editor Review: The Best Software for Your PC

The internet is filled with tools for PC video editing but nothing can beat our AVS video editor review as it hit the right needs of editors. AVS is said to be the best alternatives for all the good video editors. These good editors are the ones that users cannot afford or cannot have because of different operating system. AVS is available for all the systems you can think of, but right now our focus is on PC. We think that people who own a PC and crave for a wholly video editing tool should definitely have AVS installed.

Below, we are going to discuss why we think AVS is the best for PC lovers.

Reasons to Choose AVS Video Editor

So what makes us claim that AVS is suitable for all PC lovers? Here is the deal.

  • A lot of novice video editors do not have the money to afford a fancy-smanshy full-featured video editing tool. AVS does not only work as a guide to the path of editing but also provides all the good features for them.
  • It is quite affordable keeping in mind that it is filled with features that usually cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, you can have AVS installed in your PC either for free or for just $59. You can run free trial to see if this software is worth it or not – your call.
  • AVS includes not only an easy-to-use interface but it is also packed with a variety of formats ranging from DAT to AMV and MP4. There is hardly any format that AVS does not support or easily work with.
  • Users can also process their video for up to 4k Ultra HD frame sizes to publish their final product.
  • Online Media Technologies included an amazing range of effects that come along with the editor. You can turn your video into an old TV show, mirror your images, polarize the clips, add motion blur, and more with the effects. These are just some of the effects that we mentioned in this AVS video editor review – the entire list is even longer.

There is also a lifelong version of AVS available that cost less than $100. This means you can enjoy AVS for life without having to pay any further charges. AVS can fill-up all the professional and non-professional needs of Windows users. You can learn more about AVS features in our other post.

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