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Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners

It is no surprise that the landscape of free video editing software for beginners is changing as new people are joining in this field of editing. Everybody starts from scratch. There is no human born with enough training to start using things of professionals. Same goes to the newbie video editors who enthusiastically surf on the internet to find the best free video editing software for beginners.

Which Free Video Editing Software Should I Use?

Even though a lot of software available open in the market for free, choosing the right software is still a big question. Not every software that claims to help novice users is user-friendly enough to help them. But fret not. We have the best free video editing software for beginners lined up for you.

  • DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design shook the world by surprise some years ago when they released DaVinci Resolve. It is no doubt the best tool  with hundreds of exciting features and a user-friendly interface. The best part  is definitely going to be the fact that it is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux. It is available for free unless you want to explore the professional side of this app.

  • Lightworks

It’s no secret that Lightworks is easily our most favorite free video editing software for beginners in the market. We have arguably already talked about the brilliant user-interface, multi-camera, lovely timeline, and real-time video editing effects with the world class trimming tools. In fact, Lightworks is so famous and appreciated  that it has been used to make multiple motion pictures. Even with the professional qualities it embraces, Lightworks is still the best platform for beginners.

  • HitFilm Express

People who are big fans of HitFilm Pro can now make the most of the free Hitfilm Express. This version is a combined visual effects and editing software for learners. Junior visual effects artists and people willing to have fun with some video editing should definitely opt for this software. It does have limited editing features available but that should not be a problem for newbie editors. The Youtube channel of HitFilm Express is filled with tutorials for beginners which makes it easy-to-use.

  • Media 100

Lastly we have Media 100 in our list which is definitely one of the few original video editing tools that is available for free. Figuring out the user-interface is a piece of cake. And once you are through learning it, the visual effects and editing options are a smooth ride even for new learners.

All of the aforementioned free video editing software for beginners are available for both Mac and Windows users, except for Media 100 which is only for MAC OS 10.9+

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