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Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac Users

Even with the increasing number of Mac users, there are fewer free video editing software for Mac available in the market. However, these free editing tools have a dazzling result which is enough to make up with the lesser obtainable software numbers. As compare to other PCs, video editing experience in Mac is both fun and challenging. Users can do wonders with the on-hand video editing software if they are smart enough to know the drill.

Free video editing software for Mac

Some of these wonderful free video editing software for Mac are mentioned below:

  • Apple iMovie

iMovie is easily our favorite choice because there is literally nothing that you can do with this amazing tool. It is not only easy to use, but it also allows users to add music, select clips, and add effects and titles. All in baby steps. If you want something that helps your novice hands with perfection then iMovie should be your first choice. This easy-to-navigate software is loaded with some high-end styles that help with the addition of best titles and credits. Filters range from fantastic vintage western to futuristic blue and monochrome.

Features like split-screen effect, changing speed of video as well as picture-in-picture capacity are some professional steps that can benefit experts. Apple’s iMovie is a free video editing software for Mac that is easily accessible through any apple store.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

We have already shed some light on the brilliancy of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This software is no doubt one of the finest yet free video editing software for Mac. It has interesting features like application of settings after detecting VR video type, color workflows, works closely with other adobe audio and video tools. It also has the feature of multicam editing and synced settings via Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Pro is a start-to-finish video editing solution for Mac and other PCs. With Adobe Premiere Pro, users can enjoy editing of professional level with advance and quick color adjustments.

  • Apple Final Cut Pro

Another one in our list is something from Apple called Apple’s Final Cut Pro. This is an advanced free video editing software for Mac. This software comes with some gigantic features like compound clips, 3D titles, advanced Chroma-keying. It has Ecosystem of 3rd-party products, color masking and grading, customizable user interface, integration with Apple’s Compressor software, and many more. You get extensive audio editing controls with Final Cut Pro as you get complete adjustment controls for volume and timing.

If you are a professional user who wants to explore some advanced features on your Mac, then the automatic metadata, keywords to allocate clips, and media organization features of Apple’s Final Cut Pro is going to blow your mind.

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