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Best Video Editing Software For Windows

Best Video Editing Software For Windows XP Users

When you are new to the world of video editing, it takes a lot of research to find the best video editing software for Windows XP. This is perhaps why many of us fail to get our hands to the right product. However, a guiding post like this can help newbies with the process of selecting the best video editing software for beginners. Read on to find out which ones are our favorite video editing programs for Windows XP users.

Best Video Editing Software For Windows

Windows Movie Maker

A familiar option for users of Windows XP is easily the very best Windows Movie Maker. This tool to windows users is what iMovie is for MAC users. It comes with unlimited space and storage facility which makes it easily the best video editing software for beginners. You can encode your media files from MP4 to WMV and you can use advance options like resolutions Video Bitrate and FPS. But don’t fool yourself with the word advance, it does not mean the app is difficult to use for the beginners, in fact it is quite easy.

Ezvid Video Editor

Now turning our heads towards a much cheaper and free of cost version, Ezvid is a free and among best video editing software for Windows XP that is accessible for Windows XP consumers. With this, you can upload videos directly to Youtube, make videos in less than three minutes, enjoy easy-to-use interface, and install this program without any codec pack.


With Avidemax, users can easily import and export their videos to various social media sites without disturbing the video quality. You can cut and crop videos part, edit audios the way you like and add templates. Comes with intuitive interface, this program with advance features is a best choice for novice video editors.


Another free of cost video editor tool that we love is VirtualDub, which is a pro in providing cleaning and trimming of videos. Users can easily change the audios from their videos, trim and split as well as extend formats in a video they are working on. Another best quality is how the app process AVI files.

If this article is helpful, read our article on AVS video editing software which is another free video editor for Windows. Let us know which video editor you find the best in the comment section below.

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