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The Big App of Apple’s iMovie Free Download for MAC

If you are an avid video editor who has a taste for awesome software then you must know the charm of having iMovie free download for MAC. The product is a flagship program from Apple known  as the best video editing software out in the market.

Why iMovie?

It is all very clear to us that Apple is quite protective about all the applications it embraces. That is probably why most of the apps and software under its name are paid ones. But paying for software does not waste the money, as we always end up with the best of the best. iMovie is also one of those amazing apps Apple’s apps that literally has no comparison whatsoever. Other computer operating programs are still releasing various programs to come up to the level of iMovie. It is best because:

  • It is the fastest video editing app that makes user interface easy.
  • This software turns raw footage with no glamour into something outstanding and polished.
  • Something that integrates with iPhoto and iTune.
  • The app supports a tons of templates so the users can have multiple options.
  • It Instantly shares your videos and awesome recreations with the help of social media integration.
  • iMovie helps with the addition of video and audio effects with ease.
  • It intacts quality of your video by the end of the day.

Is iMovie For Free?

iMovie is thankfully free unlike all the good apps that come with a price. You can have iMovie free download for MAC if you are running the latest OS version. There are multiple of websites from where you can download the app if you have MAC OS X. However, if you are running an older version of MAC, then you will have to pay $14.99 for the app. Users who have the older version of iMovie but want to update their app have to pay the same amount of $14.99.

What’s the link to iMovie free download for MAC?

Getting iMovie for your computer is not something unachievable, thanks to the growing technology. Several websites online happen to be sharing the app for Apple’s users.

You can have iMovie free download for MAC from

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