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How to Convert Camtasia Project File Into Video Format

Learning how to convert Camtasia Project file into video format is crucial for those who wish to enjoy the freedom of recording on-screen activities. These activities include software demos, PowerPoint slides, web pages, and many more can be played on any portable device with Camtasia. In order to get the full benefit of enjoying Camtasia on game consoles, television, smartphones, and tablets, it is ideal to convert Camtasia into compatible files like MP4. With video format files like MP4, it gets easier to view things anywhere you want, anytime you like.

Things to Know about Camtasia

Before jumping on to the conversion of Camtasia Project file into video format, it is important to learn how the Camtasia Studio file formats work. There are versions available for both MAC and Windows. For Windows, we have 8.4.0 Camtasia Studio and for MAC we have 2.8.0 Camtasia Studio. With these versions you can record video with TREC format.

The conversion is quite simple. You can directly export TREC file to your desired video format like MP4 with Camtasia Studio.

  • First import TREC into Camtasia.
  • The RREC files are available at the Clip Bin, and the timeline is on the Project Edit window.
  • From Project Edit, simply click on the button of File, and save your project by clicking Save Project.
  • You will find Product and Share button just above the Clip Bin. Click on it in order to launch production wizard.
  • Go to the menu and expand it for production options.
  • There you will find a list of formats, choose the one you like or simple choose MP4 format.

The process is quite simple and less time consuming. You can download Camtasia Studio for Windows from here.

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