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WonderShare Filmora Video Editor Free Software


WonderShare Filmora Video Editor is quality video editor software for beginners and non-editors. If you are a beginner to video editing and you are uncertain about where to start or perhaps you have dealt with a few different video editors or you have delayed video editing wondering how complicated these editors were to use; then you must go for Filmora Video Editor. Filmora Video Editor is a cool and potent video editing software that benefits you makes videos for your family and friends; and helps you edit your professional videos; like interviews, presentations, and marketing stuff; as well.

Using Filmora video editor is trouble-free and as easy as dragging and dropping. Filmora video editor is specifically designed for non-professionals. It possesses updated interface where you can do all the elementary editing you need to do, such as: trimming, rotating, cropping and more. Its effect library comprises over 300 handcrafted filters, overlays, titles and transitions; so that you can make your videos more interesting easily by dragging and dropping with favorite effects.

To make your videos look more proficient, Filmora video editor lets you put on innovative features for instance: split screen, green screen and many more. Filmora video editor also maintains a wide range of video, photo and audio formats through which you can edit different media shot by phone, camera or camcorder. You can even import videos, photos straight-away from your facebook and instagram into Filmora for editing.


Make sure you have the latest version of Filmora video editor installed on your Windows or MAC system.
If you haven’t downloaded the software up till now, you can click the link given below:



Let’s have a quicker look on Filmora video editor software.

Filmora Free Video Editor


When you open the software, you will see different options on the home screen. There are two View modes, “Standard View” and a “Wide Screen View”; and two Ease modes, “Easy Mode” or “Full featured Mode”. Select the desired options to get started.

Filmora Free Video Editor

“Easy Mode” features a basic, three-step editing process. Import a video; pick a theme; and export. It’s a fine selection if you are trying to merge a few clips together.

But let’s step into “Full-featured mode”. Initially you need to import your media file into the media library beforehand you start editing. Click the “Import” button. Select video clips or photos from the pop-up window. Your video can be previewed into the right panel. You need to drag and drop your videos right from the media library into the timeline below to make basic editing such as: splitting video into two clips; or trimming undesired parts by dragging the edge of the clip. You can also open the “Basic Editing Tool” to rotate the clip; adjust saturation, hue and speed, and more options.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Filmora video editor has made it easy to add music or sound effects to your videos. The music library features prefer songs from real artists with genres stretching from Hipster Folks to Pop.
For this, you just need to drag and drop your preferred music to the audio track to apply.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Filmora video editor also provides animated text and titles features to your videos through its “text credit” tab. You can preview and choose your preferred text style and drag into the timeline to apply. For best results, you can edit your text, resize it, and re-position it by simply double clicking on the text clip.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Another pleasant thing about Filmora video editor is its “Filter library”. You can add a variety of filters you want and can even modify the filter effects as desired, such as: changing the duration, or effect opacity.

Filmora Free Video Editor


The “Overlay” tab lets you enhance special effects to your videos; like: Bokeh effect, Light Leaks, Lens Flair and many more.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Filmora’s “Motion Elements” are reasonable and easy-to-add. These modules were once only available to professionals who had costly software. Now you can simply put on some fun motion graphics to your videos as many times as you want. There are numerous motion graphics in Filmora that I really like but the “Paper Airplane” is my preferred.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Filmora offers you nearly one hundred transition effects to pick from to make the transition from one scene to another smoother.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Split-screen is one of the innovative features which permit you to have several clips applying on the screen with similar time. You can apply simply by dragging and dropping clips to the requisite area in Filmora.

Filmora Free Video Editor


Once you are over with editing, click “Export” in the main navigation to export video. Filmora video editor suggests you many options to display your work. You can either pick to export by output formats (like: MP4, WMV, AVI) or by devices you like to design far ahead. You can also upload your video clips immediately to social media or even embed them into DVD.

Filmora Free Video Editor

That’s a quick synopsis of Filmora video editor. Hope you liked this article and it would be a help for you…

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