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Free iMovie Download: is iMovie Really Available for Free?

A lot of people who switch to iMovie or OS system altogether think that the news of free iMovie download does not have enough weight. It is perhaps because iMovie is considered to be a milestone of video editing for OS programs. And hence its availability for free just doesn’t sound right. But before discussing whether or not free iMovie download is a myth or a fact, let’s first examine its features. The new iMovie version has some fine features that are discussed below.

Not-to-Miss Features

  • Some of the older versions of iMovie couldn’t entirely eliminate the background noise during audio editing. With new iMovie you can completely get rid of the background noises without tampering the volume.
  • The keyboard shortcut feature helps users by saving their time. No need to waste time in setting up the features. Navigating videos are quite easy with shortcuts as you can easily move back and forth in the frames.
  • The timeline is thoroughly enhanced in a sense that finding key features have become easy. You have to be informed before jumping into this amazing experience. This is because the timeline contains details like color correction and color balancing. As a result, final footage comes out far more high-end in quality than those videos that were editing on previous versions.
  • No more launching separate panels for adjusting audio. The new edition lets you adjust audio by easily accessing the feature for the clips in the event browser.
  • With iMovie, there is a theatre where you can save all of your projects and play them instantly at any platform like Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, etc.
  • People detection and trimmer are another amazing features added in the new version. A trimmer makes it easy to determine timing and length of the clip, whereas people detection detects any character in the movie.

Aforementioned features are just the key ones that stand out in the new edition. There are much more to talk about as iMovie is expanding its boundaries for the novice and professionals all over the world.

Is iMovie Free or Paid?

People who have been using iMovie a couple of years back had to purchase it from the store in their new Mac or iOS devices. Luckily, the rules have changed and now people can get iMovie for free along with some other cool tools. Apple is offering iMovie free for all the owners who have purchased their device after 2013. So there is no need to even think about searching for a free trial for this one-of-a-kind software as it can be attained wholly without any fee.

If you are willing to have free iMovie download, click the link here. Learn more about iMovie tricks and tips here.

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