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imovie video editor for windows alternatives

Free iMovie Video Editor For Windows Alternatives

In this post we share our favorite pick free iMovie video editor for Windows alternatives. These will have almost similar functionality like iMovie video editor.

iMovie video editor is the best video editor out there in the market that has stolen millions of hearts across the globe. Whether you are a novice user who just wants to enjoy a couple of video editing feature or a high-end professional editor who gets the hang of every intricate aspects of video editing – iMovie video editor for Windows is the right option for you.

imovie video editor for windows alternatives

Many windows users however find it difficult to run an iMovie video editor for Windows on their PC. iMovie video editor for MAC comes with MAC PC, laptops as well. However, there are many paid as well as free video editing tools out there that are considered as iMovie alternatives for windows.

iMovie Video Editor For Windows Alternatives

If you want to enjoy the best interface experience while running your video editor just like iMovie then keep on reading.

Windows Movie Maker

If you are operating windows 10 then getting this precious piece of software will be a smooth ride. This is a perfect choice for people who are searching for basic editing features just like iMovie. Its operating system is as flawless as the one that tags along an iMovie, which is why it should be your first choice.

You should find it by searching Windows Movie Maker in your windows 10 as it comes by default. If not, download it along with Windows Photo Gallery as both of these apps share some brilliant features.


We have already praised the wonders of Lightworks for windows in our previous post. It is undoubtedly valuable free video editor for Windows that offers both free and pro versions. Why we suggest Lightworks as iMovie alternative? It is because Lightworks is adjustable with main OS programs like Mac, Windows, and Linus. If you know how to MAC OS, chances are that this one is going to be your favorite video editor.

Movavi Video Editor

Where iMovie is the multimedia source that alters all of your videos and photos into something extraordinary, Movavi Video Editor does exactly the same thing for the Windows users. You can arrange all of your media on timeline, share it around, import it, and synchronize the audio accordingly without any hindrance. It is pretty much similar to iMovie when it comes to its features. However, users might find the interface a bit difficult and different in the beginning.


Our last pick is perhaps our favorite one when it comes to video editing tools for Windows. Wondershare Filmora is one great movie and video editing tool that is accessible to both Mac and Windows users. It is even a better substitute of Windows Movie Maker as it is easy-to-navigate and more powerful.

This app, luckily, is the powerhouse of all the brilliant video editing features you can find. It is a perfect choice for not only newbies but also for the professional users who make the most of every tiny detail. What’s the drawback? It has some stability issues. The software is all preferred and famous, but it is also known for crashing sometimes. Therefore, the best option is to save your video project as you finish it to avoid any major loss.

Do you have any video editing software in mind that you think is a better substitute for iMovie? Care to share?

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