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Free Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro For MAC

Adobe Premiere Pro for MAC is the next big thing that should be entitled as one of the popular free video editing software in the market.

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Adobe Premiere Pro For MAC

There are plenty of reasons why Adobe Premiere Pro for MAC is the new tool for us. There are thousands of online video editing tools. Be it free versions or paid. Claiming to set their marks on the hearts of users. However, only few stick to sale the promises they have made. And Adobe Premiere Pro is one of them.

Few reasons which make this gem of a video editing software our favorite are as follows.

  • Touch Friendly Workflow

Whether you are using your video editor on the desktop or on your mobile phone, new Adobe Pro is proficient with the touch-flow. Use full creative power that is loaded in Adobe Premiere Pro in the form of innumerable editing features such as marking I/O, adding edits, dropping and dragging clips to the timeline, scrubbing, trimming, and many more. The gestural control can work on Apple track pad, any Windows tablet and Microsoft Surface Pro.

  • Customizable and Spontaneous Editing Tools

No more hanging of the video editor and waiting in between the editing with the Adobe Premiere Pro. You have personalized keyboards shortcut available as well as NLE keyboard shortcuts. Features like edit indicators, labels that show end or start of media, and dupe-detection markets provide crucial information within seconds. The trimming and editing options are so easy-to-navigate that the user interface runs smoothly without hindrance.

  • More Proficiency with Adobe Integration

If you have other Adobe Creative Cloud applications then you can easy connect and integrate your Premiere Pro with them. This way, videos and other imperative assets can more freely between Photoshop CC, Audition CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Illustrator CC, and After Effects CC. This options help professionals to share their belongings among various team members and adobe applications without any glitch.

  • Stunning Colors

Completely new sets of color tools have been introduced in this pro version of Adobe video editing software that helps users to manipulate colors in an innovative way, without ever leaving the application. The combination of Lightroom and Speedgrade technologies helps editors in applying simple as well as complex color corrections.

  • Better Audio Control Performance

Audio effects allow users to have better sounding projects with Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use Dynamic Link paired up with Audition to flawlessly flow projects towards designated audio platforms without having to worry about video rendering. If you need even more effects then you can always add plug-ins of third party VST3. When it comes to MAC users, Adobe allows access to Audio Units plug-ins.

For MAC users who want to consider another option apart from Adobe Premiere Pro should consider iMovie as their ultimate escape.

Checkout free video editing software for Windows as well if you are a Windows fan.

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