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Free Video Editing Software Apple Final Cut Pro X All New Features

When the subject of free video editing software for Mac comes up, Apple Final Cut Pro X is always seen among the top most appreciated tools. Its brilliancy is admirable because the features that come along with it are just beyond perfection. Being the future of video posting as Apple claim, Apple Final Cut Pro X has a dynamic interface that works with magnificent precision.

Apple final cut pro X Features

Without further ado, let’s put some light on our favorite features that the new Apple Final Cut Pro X has.   

  • Multichannel Editing of Audio

There’s a dedicated keystroke that allows users to expand audio into separate components on the timeline. Channels can be easily disable or enable, volume and timing ranges can be selected easily, and transitions can be smoothed via audio fade handles. With the Inspector, users can hide and rename channels to completely view their audio files. Moreover, switching between multiple audio sources has also become achievable in this version.

  • Clip Connections

Apple understands how important it is to keep the clips connected. With clipping, placing options like music, sound effects, and B-roll in the timeline are now easy. Users can also break the connection between clips according to their preference by pressing the modifier key. The crystal-clear visual connection makes the processes of transferring the project to other editing territory a smooth ride.

  • Multicam

Multicam is an option that not many professional video editing tools can offer. Luckily, with Final Cut Pro X, advanced editing with multicam is possible. The all-new 64-bit engine helps users to work with a range of frame sizes, formats, and frame rates. You can create Multicam clip by syncing as many as 64 angles of video with audio waveforms. Users can also work the Multicam clip in Angle Editor timeline, which allows users to sync, trim, move, add color, effects, and much more to the clip.

  • 3D Titles

Users can now choose between animated 3D templates and cinematic templates with wonderful built-in backgrounds to construct stunning titles. They can also customize with materials, realistic lighting options, text styles, and much more according to their will.

  • Compound Clips

Another favorite feature that comes with Apple Final Cut Pro X is the compound clips option. Compound Clips work just like Multicam clips. Users can cut through timeline by using Compound Clips. These clips are automatically saved to the library, which makes the process of reusing them easy.

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