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Free Video Editing Software AVS Review

There are only few free video editing software available out in the market that fall closer to our set expectations and AVS video editor is one of them. In this post, we are going to draw some attention towards the AVS video editor by reviewing it. This is going to give you a brief insight as to how good AVS is as a video editor. Not only are we going to shed some light on the good parts of this software but we will also highlight the cons that can be made better.

What Makes AVS Video Editor the Best?

AVS is a software based on consumer-level that allows users to turn their plain, raw footage into something big which they can share around social media freely. The best part about AVS video editor is that it is easy to navigate. It means that people who are novice and new to the world of video editing will find it no less than a piece of cake.

When we first start AVS video editor tool, it walks user through screens that help users to use modules efficiently. Other than that, the software is loaded with video tutorials that teach how to make the most of AVS video editor. The easy video editing tutorials make it easier for newbies to use AVS.

User interface helps people with every step, from adding transitions, to sharing media, text, effects, and audio. Every module in this software is reachable via any screen. Users can easily shift between various features of their projects. Storyboard is simplified and timeline is thorough, which gives access to granular alterations. The best part is probably the feature of AVS video editor. Popular ones are that users can add as many overlays, effects, voice tracks, and music as they please.

What are the Cons?

AVS video editor is a perfectly functional video editing tools through which we find free access to the editing world. But when it comes to professional video editing, things might go a bit shaky. As a novice, you will probably enjoy working with this software. However, you will not enjoy AVS video editor if you are an expert video editor. Experts may not entertain major pixilation that happens as a result of video exportation. Moving to another format results in loss of video quality. Chances are that you need to export your video several times in order to get a fine and crisp video quality. Other than that, the video results are passable.

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