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A Treat For Apple Lovers: Free Video Editing Software for MAC

Tired of paying for every other productive app? Worry not, we are here with free video editing software for MAC users that are too good. Being an Apple admirer comes with a price. Android and Windows users have the pleasure of available opportunities for free. Apple users on the other hand have to pay for almost everything.

When it comes to video editing, MAC users can avail the astounding iMovie. However, this wonderful app is available for free only for users who have been with Apple after the year of 2013. On the contrary, if you have already used iMovie and now looking for something different, hang in there. We have the best software lined up for you.


Filmora takes a position in between Adobe and iMovie as it provides experience of both. It supports your iTune library and you can import files from your Instragm, Flickr or Facebook accounts. The user interface is quite smooth as you only need to drag and drop your target file to the timeline. There, you can trim, adjust, crop, and add filters to the video. Filmora is for free but if you want a lifetime license, you will only need to pay $59.50.

Da Vinci Resolve

This free video editing software for MAC is not a piece of cake. The advance version of Da Vinci Resolve, which is designed specifically for studio purposes, costs as much as $1,000. However, it also comes with a basic version that has all the necessary features. From high-end image processing facilities to strong video editing, color correction, and easy-to-use interface, Da Vinci Resolve is a must to have.


Comes with a non-linear video editing experience, Blender is a free 3D model and composer. It has a high quality profile production with all the powerful effects. However, it comes with a price. In order to run this software, users first need to check the tutorials on it because Blenders is not easy to navigate.


Another favorite in our list is Shotcut, which is a cross platform, open source video editor that is always under active development. It carries a lot of impressive attributes and it comes with an interface that looks a lot like pro-tier application.


Another cross platform editor that we adore is OpenShot which has grown a lot in the past few years. The new version comes with greater support system as well as a huge variety of formats, audio tracks, video tracks, keyframes for animation, compositing and transition, and titles. All these features is just incredible to have in a software that charges no money at all.

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