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Hitfilm Express video editor For Mac and Windows Users

Professional editors are always on the lookout for free video editing software that’s why we will discuss Hitfilm Express video editor in this article. Available for both Mac and Windows users, Hitfilm Express is an enthusiastic experience in its own, filled with colors and filters. This software is much more than your usual video editor. It has everything that a person need to add that professional touch to his footages.

Why I Should Go for Hitfilm Express?

Hitfilm Express video editor is about much more than just changing colors, trimming the unwanted footages or sharing videos here and there. It is about having a full-grown edit suite, which can allow you to work with wondrous filters, effects, and a range of 2D and 3D creating tools. Especially if you are a vlogger on Youtube who is looking for a nice video editor then Hitfilm Express should be your first choice.

The Professional Tools

Hitfilm is no ordinary software as it features quality tools like:

  1. Video and audio filters
  2. 3D video support
  3. Green screen effects
  4. Masking and layers
  5. Creative and advance cutting tools
  6. Composing tools

The Interface

Hitfilm Express video editor does not have a difficult or unusual user interface. So, if you are a user who worked with video editing tools then Hitfilm Express is going to be an easy ride for you. The interface is just similar to a lot of comparable software with timeline that is effective for arrangement of footage. If you still fail to get the drill, you can always go for the tutorials on the Youtube. All in all, the features available are genuinely on-point with high-end animation program that is not attainable for free elsewhere.

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