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iMovie For Windows OS Features

Free Video Editing Software For Windows: iMovie Features [Continue]

The best video editor software of iMovie for Windows has now the best features that all of us have been waiting for.

iMovie For Windows

iMovie for Windows is no doubt one of the finest and on-point video editing software that has taken the internet market by storm. A lot of its competitors are on the edge of their seats as iMovie released exciting features that not only are the best but they have also been approved by a majority of users.

Many of us have set our eyes on the new release, thinking that iMovie will offer something advance. Although most of the designs have taken from the previous edition, new iMovie features are so far the best ones out there.

Some of the exciting features that you might as a video editor are listed below.

Share Movies

If you look at the previous features, it was impossible to share your movie anywhere. However, iMovie for Windows has now advance traits on board. You can now not only save your work in a theater but you can also share it. Sharing options include but not limited to Windows, Mac, iPhone, Apple TV and what not.


One of the most noticeable of all features in the new iMovie update is definitely its timeline feature, which doesn’t come to display until you select a project. This is something that was a big missing step in the previous versions. With timeline, you can have many advanced editing elements on your fingertips. From color balancing that ensures your video has the right tone to color correction that encloses options of brightness, contrast, and saturation, this timeline aspect is amazingly awe-inspiring.

Audio Setting

In the previous editions, it was a bit of hard call to get the audio edited. Users had to launch a distinctive editing panel in order to adjust audio. However, in this all-new iMovie, you can easily adjust levels of the audio clip just as you please. The clips only need to be put in the events browser. Attaining this facet is quite easy as users only need to select a clip and select the auto button from the toolbar.


Controlling green-screen was not easy previously. You needed to be extra proficient in order to soften the effects. With iMovie, users get smooth and clear options for controlling green-screen. You can access this step from the section of “video overlay tools”.

Easy Accessible Trimmer

iMovie for Windows trimmer feature helps quickly edit movies, videos. This includes adjusting the time and length of the clip. It is one of the difficult aspects to master, especially in programs that are not easy-to-navigate. iMovie for Windows make it easy to use. It is as simple as clicking twice on your project and voila, you will have the feature pop right up in no time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Forget spending extra time on the editor by going through the whole clip. Users can access shortcuts on the keyboard, making video editing a lot easier and faster. These shortcuts include jumping forward, moving to next frames as well as moving to the previous frames. These are few of the features of keyboard shortcuts in iMovie for Windows operating systems.

If you want to learn more about the iMovie experience, read more details in our iMovie video editor features post.


  1. Muhammad Qureshi

    Does the Green screen feature work just like Adobe After effect ? Is this software lighter then Adobe After effect?

  2. From Here i can get the crack of this iMovie Video Editor?

  3. Shakeel Mumtaz

    can we use the same software on ubuntu 14.x?

  4. Syed Noman ud din

    Can is iMovie for windows be used for recording.

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