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iMovie tips and tricks: What Are the Key Things to Know

iMovie is abundant with interesting features which is why a good user should know all the iMovie tips and tricks in order to make the most. These guidelines are also helpful for those who are just new to the iMovie and finally learning to get a grip on things. There are not many apps as good as this one, which is why we want to make sure you know how to use it right. For iMovie is not just a software with video editing skills – it is almost an art in its self.

Switch Between Timelines

In the older versions, users did not get the leverage of switching between the timelines. However, iMovie has now introduced this feature which helps users to have the best experience. You can easily switch from traditional to modern format in no time. The flexibility helps users to enjoy to the fullest! This feature includes to our favorite iMovie tips and tricks.

Inspector Feature

The old option of browsing for a long time before finally accessing inspector is long gone now. Thanks to the new updates, users can now easily use features with inspector that comes with numerous functionalities.

Find People

You know how restless a person gets when he is unable to find a character from any movie he is looking for. Luckily, iMovie tips and tricks include a way of finding names of your favorite new characters. Don’t worry if you are unable to identify someone new in a movie, iMovie is going to do the job for you. It is going to track people effectively within seconds.

Final Cut Pro

Great news for people who are fan of Final Cut Pro! They can now get access to this software from iMovie. Swapping between the softwares have become easy that is going to make user experience worthwhile. You can easily switch between these two by clicking “window” from the menu bar. Then select “swap events and projects” and turn iMovie into Final Cut Pro.

Impressive Font Range

Those days are gone when only one font is attainable during the video editing processes. iMovie is definitely the best software out in the market that has multiple fonts available. They are best to use for the on-screen text missions and you can also customize at ease.

If you like iMovie tips and tricks, learn more about the software here.


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