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How To Use OBS & Go Live On Facebook Complete Guide

How To Use OBS & Go Live On Facebook Complete Guide

We hardly know anyone who does not get as excited as we do by using OBS Facebook live in order to post fun videos online for free. But not everyone was capable enough to access OBS Facebook live from their laptops. Not until now. With the supply of so many third party equipments, having access to facebook live through obs has become a smooth ride to take. This smart software program is tremendously handy to those people who choose their laptop camera over smart-telephones. And that is precisely why a lot of people are interested in using third party proxy to assist them with uploading videos rather than taking help from cell-phones. Read further to learn how to use OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] and go live on Facebook within few minutes.

Our free video editing software’s crew is happily here for you with OBS Facebook live article. There is literally nothing better than this amazing tool. It is probably the only free and reasonably good solution for Facebook live streaming. So, without any delay, let’s jump to the main deal.

Choose the right tool

The first important step is definitely choosing the right software. You could pay up to $500 to get software that helps getting admission but we have even far better alternatives. Who wouldn’t like to move for a free ride instead of investing 500 dollars? With effective alternatives like OBS Facebook live you could accomplish your mission without paying a single penny. Apart from being free, it is accessible to operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Get the streaming key

The primary aspect you want to do is to attain the steaming key for your OBS Facebook live. Now, how can we try this? There is more than one method to gain it, but for now we’re absolutely focusing on the clean steps.

  • The easiest step for OBS Facebook live is via logging in to facebook and clicking at the “publishing system” button.
  • It’s going to lead you to some different options like “motion pictures”, click on that from the menu bar.
  • Now, click the “LIVE” button you will discover at your top right.
  • The box of “stream key” will appear. Copy it.
  • Now paste the copied key into your OBS tool. After doing that, facebook will provide you access and you will not appear offline.

    Stream Video

  • For OBS Facebook Live, go to the software program and pick “stream”.
  • Choose “streaming service” next to Stream type and “facebook live” next to services.
  • Now is the time to paste the stream key which you copied earlier.

The choice of preview webcam will appear after finishing the aforementioned steps. From there, you just need to click on at the “begin streaming” button, and after some time your browser will pop a window of “fetching video streaming”. Voila, you are on the right tune now!

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