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OBS: Open Broadcast Software Review For Video Editors

In this Open Broadcast Software Review, we would like to shade some light on one of the best options available for YouTube video editing. It is easier to become a broadcaster on the world’s most visited website. But things get a bit shaky if you don’t know how to justly edit videos and mix content together to gain  viewers. In the world of free video editing software, OBS is probably the best and most convenient choice for vlogers and broadcasters.

Why It is the Best?

OBS is a completely free video program that allows users to not only record games from computer but also things from webcam and desktop. It is known to be the perfect alternative for people who like to go live on Facebook without investing their money on some high-end proxy. You can incorporate footage from the games you are playing, add in some existing images or videos or even portion of your screen. You can do all this for free!

This Open Broadcast Software review also talks about the filters that come with the program. They allow users to use chroma key, color correction and masking, along with easy-to-use audio mixer. There is option for Studio Mode that helps user to keep a check on scenes and sources before finally broadcasting so they can adjust things the way they want. There are also convenient options to set hotkeys for almost any action along with switching between scenes, stopping and starting stream, muting sound, etc.

The Interface

The interface is pretty much clean and convenient for those who don’t know much about operating video editing software. It allows users to easily add images, sources, specific windows, capture cards, and much more. There are many different settings that are offered that help in configuring every single aspect of stream. Users can also switch between dark to light themes.

Video Experience

Plenty of softwares talk about capturing videos and providing best alternatives for editing. However, the major concern of all users is about the quality of video and how many frames can be captured per second. When it comes to quality, you cannot trust free video editors. OBS does not fall short here. It has the best option as it allows user to capture video in the quality they prefer. This is something that is not available in some of the most high-end video editors. The best part is the fact that users can also choose how many frames they wish to add per second. They can also check for resolution and apply downscale where necessary.

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