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Free Online Video Editors 2018

Video making has been a resource demanding job. There had been one of the best options for free online video editors i.e. YouTube’s online video editor, for the finishing of your videos without having any desktop video editor. But since its closure previous year, any other good doing alternatives are hard to find.

The quality of all online browser-based video editors varies greatly. But here, in this article, we have chosen best of some online video editors for you that are available today, that give high quality videos. They include some basic and some advanced options as well.

Here are the top 5 best online video editors available in 2018:

1) Kizoa

Kizoa is well-known for its huge variety of transition effects that helps its users to easily create professional-styled videos. Its library is packed with a lot of animations that are used to customize the videos according to particular needs of specific editing projects. Several features can be used like: position, size, trim, rotate, clipping, add tiles to videos and adding different pieces of videos together, etc. Because of being among free online video editors, Kizoa is preferred by professionals as well as beginners, without being registered to access its detailed libraries, to fulfill their routine needs.

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2) WeVideo

WeVideo is next in line among best online video editors for this year. It works very similar to the desktop Windows Movie Maker software. It keeps the uploaded files (music, videos, images) in cache storage on WeVideo. User can then drag and drop the files into multi-track timeline for editing. Its feature that makes it distinct from other online video editors is that it uploads content by transferring it from the cloud storage service or by directly recording video and audio from webcam and microphone. Also, it allows you to upload large video files and start working on them instantly while the file’s processing continues in the background. It has a variety of themes that makes your creations lively with different automatic transitions and effects. It also offers 1GB cloud storage for its users.

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Apart from these attractions, WeVideo have some limitations in its free version as well. It allows publishing five minutes of video per minute by each account, with maximum 480p resolution. The final videos have watermarks.

3) ClipChamp

ClipChamp can be the next in the list of online video editors. It has a balance between its quality and power as compared to other online video editors. It allows the users to upload a recorded video or capture a new footage using webcam. Both methods work well. Once the video uploads onto ClipChamp, multiple features like: trimming, cropping, rotating, flipping, brightness/contrast adjustment, etc are then in access. It allows beginners to work and complete their video editing within very short period of time and then directly share their work on social media platforms like: Facebook, Google drive, Youtube, etc; or download their videos and use them in their projects.

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ClipChamp has some limitations as well. It allows the users to create more than five videos a month but with maximum resolution of 1080p and videos no longer than five minutes. But if the work is just of one or two files then it’s no hardship.

4) Magisto

Next in the list of online video editors is Magisto. As the name shows, Magisto does its work magically. It’s a user-friendly and very quick online video editor with different tools that a user expects from efficient video editing software. It is a platform for sharing lifetime experiences in sort of online videos. It works spontaneously and nourishes a raw video material into a beautifully carved and fully polished piece . Magisto has in its built-in editing styles which are used in determining the atmosphere, mood and style of the video clip.  Once the video is in Magisto, the users can select the best portions from their videos or photos and then add their selected music, effects, and themes onto them and connects them into a beautiful movie.

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5) Online Video Cutter

Last is this Online Video Cutter in this article but the list of online video editors goes on. Online Video Cutter is a user-friendly Chrome extension with all advanced video editing tools. It allows the users to upload files to maximum of 500MB, or work with video clips saved on Google Drive or any other online service. After uploading the video, the user can trim its unwanted footage, or crop any part if the taken video is too wide. Online Video Cutter has a rotate function as well for adjusting footage accidentally taken by your phone. Moreover, there’s access to available Chrome’s extensions to easily work with editing tools such as cropping, trimming, rotating, and applying different professionally-styled editing features for creating unbelievable projects.

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