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OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial

Free Video Editing Software: Video Editing Made Easy with OpenShot Features

OpenShot is the most user-friendly free video editing software for MAC in the market. In this post we will share Openshot video editor features and let you easily edit your movies, videos.

OpenShot Video Editor Features

OpenShot is easily the best open source software device for Mac users these days with simplest options that are strain-free. This software is a tranquil ride even for a layman who has zero clues as to how he should follow the map of good video editor for MAC. Its free of charge and easy service are one of the key traits that make this software so popular among the enthusiastic video editing users.

Some of the fine features of OpenShot software are as follows.

Easier Addition of a Novice Project File

Now users can add a new file to the project by simply pressing “Ctrl+F” or by importing files via File option. This way, users can smoothly drag the file from the top left to the tracks lie down on the bottom.

More Effects and Previews

OpenShot has recently introduced more features to its already excellent software tool that exist options such as more, finest effects along with perfect previewing. The 2.0 version contains a vast collection of enriched transition effects that you are simpler to position and add. Users just need to tap on the “transition” option and they can add any effect they like to the track by dragging.

Split Clips

This feature is necessary for those who are keen to add multiple effects throughout different parts of their clip. The easiest way to do this job is via right-clicking on the clip and select “Split Clip” option. By doing so, you will be introduced to a new window that will allow you to start and split the clips via naming the various parts.

Export Project

Exporting the video is never been easier. With OpenShot, exporting project is as easy as pressing the keys of “Ctrl+Shift+E” all at the same time. The software is also smart enough to fiddle with multiple facilities. These include video quality settings and advanced audio settings (including the bit rate, frame rates, resolutions etc)

OpenShot is definitely MAC users first choice. Because it can be effortlessly entitled as the best video editor for MAC users out there. Openshot video editor features like setting picture clips properties to creating image clips within a matter of minutes are some of the qualities that make OpenShot a popular choice among MAC users.

Other MAC Video Editor

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    Please give me free video editing software for linux android ios pc mac.

  2. Muhammad Usman Majeed

    is this better than camtasia ?

  3. Camtasia is very heavy video editing software. It is lighter to use?

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