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Openshot Video Editor: All the Fine Features under One Platform

Openshot video editor is without a doubt one of our favorite video editing tools in the modern world of innovative technology. None of the contemporary companies that are launching editing tools stand a chance in front of Openshot. This video editing software is amazingly in the reach of everyone. That is to say Openshot video editor is available for all operating system so no user would miss this wonderful adventure.

Some of its brilliant features are given below:

  • Cross-Platform

Like we aforementioned, Openshot video editor is available for operating systems such as Linux, Windows (including version 7 to 10+) and OS X (including 10.9+). This means professional as well as novice video editors with different systems can access it freely. Also, the best feature is the fact that you can share video projects from one operating system to another without any difficulty.

  • Curved-Based Animation Framework

Openshot has a super strong key animation framework. The tool is capable of a wide range of key frames as well as animation possibilities. The interpolation mode of key frames varies from quadratic Bezier curves, constant or linear. the mode also calculates value of animation.

  • Desktop Integration

Desktop Integration is perhaps the key feature of Openshot video editor. The tool supports windows borders, native file browsers, and drags and drop support with native file system. This means that using the editor is as easy as dragging your preferred files from file manager into the editor.

  • Video Transition

Openshot is filled with wondrous transitions as much as 400 in number. This means that you can gradually fade from one clip to another. There are key frames available to further sharpen and quicken transitions where necessary. Also, if you overlap two clips, it will automatically create a brand new transition.

  • Advanced Timeline

Openshot video editor has luckily one of the advanced timelines which helps users to navigate the software quite easily. There are tons of helpful features like resizing clips, alignment, dragging and dropping, zooming in and out, settings, snapping, slicing, preset animations and many more. You can simply start editing by dragging a file into the timeline.

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