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Pinnacle Studio 20 Review: Everything You Need to Know

As Mac users, we do not always get the pleasure of finding something free and productive such as Pinnacle Studio 20 that is known for its brilliancy. This software provides users a wide range of editing, exporting and organizing tools that make it one of the best video editing software out in the market. The amazing workflow of this tool allows users to sort, import, and builds projects efficiently from their media clips. This is one easy to learn editing medium, both accessible to experts as well as beginners.

What are the Key Features of Pinnacle Studio 20?

Combination of Storyboard and Timeline

Many editing tools where storyboard and timeline join to make two editing modes and you can switch between them for editing. However, Pinnacle Studio 20 has a different way of working.  Users can have both the medium on the same screen, which actually helps a lot as you can take advantage of both workflows at a time. No other software has this kind of feature available.

Audio and Video Editing Tracks

Surprisingly, this video editor comes with an exciting number of 24 audio and video editing tracks. For most of the editors and producers, that is enough to meet their needs. With each line you get built-in sound editing and mixing tool, so adjusting and enhancing audio become easier. Users can also drill down on audio and video in order to fine-tune sound and picture to meet their ultimate perfection.

User Interface

When you first look at it, Pinnacle Studio 20 might look like a hard thing to catch. However, the company has provided their software with a thorough video tutorial that allows new users to understand the interface rather quickly. So even if you are intimidated by it at first, you will enjoy running the tool minutes later.

Multi-Cam Module

Another feature to praise about is the multi-cam module. Since we are living in the age of high-end smartphone cameras, there comes a need where we require multiple videos from different angles. This is where Pinnacle Studio 20 helps us to load as much as four sources of any event. You can sync them and merge them together to get a polished end product.

Other important features of Pinnacle Studio 20 includes its largest pre-programmed objects’ libraries. These libraries include over 1800 titles, effects, templates, and transitions that you can play with.

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