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Pinnacle Studio 20 Review

Pinnacle Studio 20 Review: Software with All the Right Features

This Pinnacle Studio 20 Review is about one of the oldest and best free video editing software that has been dominating our hearts for over 20 years now. It offers a wide range of editing, exporting, and organizing video editing tools that are hard to find in most of the free video editing softwares. The process of editing videos is unique. The workflow is smooth that offers importing and building of projects from media clips. It has tools that transform raw, unedited footage into something extravagant and polished.


Pinnacle Studio 20 Review


One of the things that considered as a stand-out feature of Pinnacle Studio is definitely its performance. Some of the well known professional editing tools don’t even stand a chance in front of Pinnacle when it comes to speed. It has a rendering speed that is simply outstanding and that is the centre of attention for this Pinnacle Studio 20 review. It is perfectly responsive even when you test the tool with numerous PiP objects. The option of writing your clips to blu-ray discs is also attainable with the help of disc-authoring module. There are formats like DivX, WMV, MPEG-1/-2/-4, MKV, AVCHD and many more.

That’s not just it – you can directly share videos on platforms like Box, Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook with Pinnacle studio 20. The video uploading can be done between the range of 360p to 1080p. Moreover, you can export videos in 4K and 8K format, thanks to the H.265 HEVC support.

User Interface

If we look at all the previous versions that Coral introduced of Pinnacle Studio, we will see that none of their features had any problem. Surprisingly, all of the features were flawless and spotless in a way that you can do whatever you want. The only issue that probably came was that a newbie had a bit of a hard time catching up with the timeline. But it was not considered a big issue because watching tutorials help everyone. However, Pinnacle made sure that no glitches or flaws should remain in their tool. The updated version has a tided up interface with little rearrangements.

Somehow the company has aesthetically simplified the whole interface in a way that anyone can operate it freely. Users can also customize their workplace in pretty much whichever the way they want. There are no restrictions, no barriers or obstacle that could make one stumble. You can make shortcuts wherever you want and organize your stuff however you like. And most importantly, you can add or hide stuff that you want so the timeline would not clutter or distract you. There is also a module of motion tracking that you can add simply from the effects library.

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