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Privacy Policy

We welcome feedback and love to discuss about our privacy policy. This is just to ensure that our website visitors get a rich and great user experience.

Links To Other Sites

We at Free Video Editing Software provide useful information to readers. And this information is written by bloggers who use different video editing and video converting softwares for their day to day tasks.

We write, review, create mini tutorials on different video editing software for beginners as well as intermediate and advance professional video editors.

We are also affiliate members of different online programs. Therefore some of our outbound links include our affiliate codes. When using affiliate codes and/or affiliate links, cookies might get created on user system for tracking purposes.

Cookie Usage Policy

All browser use text based files, called Cookies. The purpose of cookies is to provide a good user experience and track user behavior on our website. These cookies help the websites to understand the traffic and analyze the demographic data.

Please note that we don’t collect user information on our website. This is purely informative and articles based website.

Still need information or have any questions about our privacy policy or cookie usage policy? Contact us.