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The Very Best Video Editing Softwares for Beginners

Now that everyone owns a smartphone and multiple other gadgets, finding best video editing softwares for beginners is important. Everyone is almost a click away to make videos and take photos of the happenings around them. So why not have a nice video editing tool that can help us through the process of editing. With video editors, we get access to free filters and a platform that is helpful for raw footage’s editing.

With the sudden outburst of technological brilliance in the world of video editing, we have plenty of options in line. It is hard to decide where to begin, which one to choose and how to find the rightful video editing software. So without further ado, let’s jump to our favorite picks for beginners.

Video Wizard

If you want to a tool that is easily accessible and equally easy to use then Bootstrap Video Wizard is your thing. Unfortunately, this software is available for windows users only and not for MAC users. So, users who have windows should get Wizard as it gives quick access to video editing. It has a variety of potential formats for editing as well as DVD conversion. It has a broad range of capabilities which makes it a smart choice for beginners. And it can also be a choice for professionals who want quick editing.

Pinnacle Studio 20

Pinnacle Studio is a step ahead of Wizard as it has even wide variety of features at very low price. This stands among the best video editing software for beginners because it offers multiple basic tools. These include video speed-up, drag and drop feature, slowdown editing, audio editing, as well as hundreds of titles, effects, and templates. All these options make the video editing process smooth and high quality.

Pinnacle Studio comes with a free thirty-day trail that comes with multiple courses and training methods. This means that beginners can have access to the free version in order to master the art of using this software. It also offers the leverage of working with footage from two cameras in order to make the editing process dynamic and visually marvelous. Pinnacle studio 20 is no doubt a workflow medium that offers a stance for video editors who are new in the business for extremely reasonable prices.

Windows Movie Maker

A very easy way to get done with your editing is through Windows Movie Maker. It is completely free as long as you are a Windows user. It is considerably the best option for you to start off your career as a video editor as it is far better than the other tools we have mentioned here. You will have the options of trimming videos, speeding and slowing it up, splicing different cuts together, adding your very own voice or other soundtracks as audios and what not. All these features are handy for you as the editing tool is more powerful and flawlessly smooth. So learning new steps will be an excellent opportunity with this one and extremely cost-effective.

If the aforementioned best video editing softwares for beginners aren’t seem helpful to you, try our take on the AVS video editing software which is another gem in the sea of best video editing softwares.

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