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Our top Picks for Free Video Editing Softwares for Beginners

Finding free video editing softwares for beginners have somehow become a necessity not for the laymen but also the known professionals. Of course, people who are always in the field of editing don’t need to look for free stuff. However, at times one needs something they can work with in a jiffy, and this is where free video editing softwares for beginners help.

Although there are multiple of options you can choose from and we have highlighted some of them previously, but we still get more alternatives. If you have specific needs such as joining several clips and footages together, trimming or cutting a clip, or recording a voiceover, then free tools can help. And best of all, you can get free video softwares easily.

  • Shotcut

Wants a software that looks professional but comes for free? Shotcut is what you need. To begin with, you might feel a little weird using the interface. It is because the software shifted itself from Linux to Windows. However, don’t count this as a drawback. You only need to have patience and master the interface to achieve free of cost amazing features. You can achieve some impressive results with the filters available.

  • Wax

Now let’s talk about an option that is equally awesome for both flexible and high-end performance. You can have some alone time with Wax and you can also connect it or plug it in with other editing software. But all the free things are not ideally seamless because Wax has some limited features. The lacking is only annoying if you want advance options like Jump Cut or Flashhold, Mosaic, titles or picture-in-picture effects.

  • VideoPad Video Editor

If Wax isn’t working out for you, you can always switch to VideoPad. It has tons of exciting features along with a user-interface that feels like a smooth ride. A newbie in the world of video editing can have fun with drag and drop timeline and multiple effects, speed adjustment options, transitions, and customization features. You can also share your final videos to people you love via Facebook, Flicker, Youtube, etc.

  • Windows Movie Maker

We have something specifically for the Windows lover that cost zero bucks! Windows Movie Maker is a go-to video editing tool for most of the Windows users who are not willing to invest in paid editing software. The timeline is a simple drag and drop experience with special features like audio track, auto movie, timeline narration, titles, credits, etc. You can also use XML code in order to add more exciting effects and transitions to make your video editing experience even better.

Check out our other post on paid softwares that cost below $100. Feel free to share your reviews in the comment section below.

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