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Your Ultimate Guide to Beginners Video Editing Software

Beginners video editing software have recently got popularity and growing demand because of the easy access to camcorders and mobile phones. Since everyone has a smart phone in their hands, one can film whatever they like, whenever they like. With internet, the sharing option becomes much quicker and simpler, and so editing videos has become crucial need for most of us.

It is always right to start off with beginners video editing software that are available for free. However, finding the right software for newbies is not a piece of cake. This is because many renowned software have quality editing tools but their user interface is tough. Therefore, we have narrowed down below some of our favorite beginners video editing software that are easy to use and even better to work with.

  • Wondershare Filmora

This editing tool is best for users who have Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and 8. It is simplest in a way that you can edit and share videos in a jiffy without having to stumble across hard steps. You can crop, trim, split, cut, and join clips within clicks. There are visual effects and filters for the video touch up and exclusive action cam tool that helps with cutting and merging of large footages.

  • VirtualDub

Another one on our list is VirtualDub, which is free editing software available for Windows user. It has amazing features to offer like addition of audio tracks, compression, filters and video splitting. For starters, as a free tool, it has batch-processing wonders for coping with big numbers of clips or files. You can also extend your files with third-party video filters, something that is not achievable easily.

  • Blender

This software is a treat for not just the Windows users but also all major operating systems’ users. It is an open source, free 3D video editor available under the General Public License (GNU). Blender offers many advanced features even for beginners. These include powerful animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, and node-based material. Many users owning MAC and Windows prefer Blender as it can help a person develop from beginner to professional.

  • DaVinci Resolve

There are two versions available for this software – one is paid and the other is for free. This is a wonderful software for starters who can take things slowly with free version but are also motivated to develop professionalism through the paid version. This is because the paid version has more advanced features you can work with. These include 3D editing, spatial noise reduction, multi-camera editing, motion blu effects, and multiple filters available. Whether it is color correction or professional editing, it is attainable with DaVinci Resolve.

We also consider HitFilm Express and Lightworks as some of the finest editing tools for beginners. If you want to learn more about these software, click on the link here.

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