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Videopad Video Editing Software: Ultimate Life-Savior for MAC Users

MAC users are blessed with the finest video editing tools and it is probably why Videopad video editing software for Mac is literally the best. In today’s world where everything comes with a gigantic cost, it is nearly impossible to believe that you can have something for free. However, we guide you to believe this when we tell you that Videopad is free for MAC users. Yes, the software is fantastic with some advanced editing features that are a dream-come-true for professionals. So, without further ado, let’s see what makes Videopad video editing software so great.

Glorious Effects and Filters for Video

Of course, if you are going to compare Videopad to a paid application, you may think of its filters as limited. However, keeping it restricted to the field of free video editing software, it is safe to say that this tool has done some brilliant job. You get to choose from a variety of video clip transitions with the option of customizing them. Editing texts as captions or movie credits were never easy. Also, you have the facility of 2D-3D stereoscopic conversion along with 3D video editing.

The Drop-Drag Interface

The drag and drop user interface is something that is extremely handy and quick. We all know that if a software does not support a runny interface, it fails to get in anyone’s good books. Being a free software as it is, Videopad video editing software provides much more in a free ride. It looks like just as it should be with multiple panels and timeline right at the bottom. There are big buttons to work with in a minimalistic interface.

Chrome Key

This is a brilliant feature if you know the right way to use it. You can change or contrast videos with the help of chrome key just like the video effects we see in old movies and newscasts. The choice of adjusting backgrounds and changing chrome key colors are totally up to users.

Interesting Audio Tools

With Videopad video editing software you cannot only just mix and add audios but can also share them around. There is a free sound effect library also available within the software from where you can use sound effects.

If you are interested in downloading this software, click here. Learn more about free video editing tools for MAC here.

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