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VideoPad Video Editor Software: What’s New About It?

The internet is swarming with suggestions of video editors that are best for beginners and some suggestions say the name of Videopad Video Editor Software. As intriguing as the name sound, this perfect program should be the ultimate choice of all those people who are taking baby-steps towards editing. It is easily the best and perhaps the most easy-to-use tool with the most basic steps that any novice can learn off by heart.

Videopad video editor software comes with somewhat the same basic features like any other good video editor. So, let’s have a look at its best features.

Stabilize Your Videos

One of the exciting features of this software is that it turns your ugly, shaky video into something amazing. You know how to happen when the clip becomes shaky due to rotating, zooming, handheld shooting or panning? Well, with Videopad, you can simply remove the shaking factor from your video without having to follow any hardcore process.

Just click right on the Media List and go for “Stabilize video” option. After that simply select a location to save your file and you are good to go.


As we said, like any other good video editing tool, Videopad comes with astounding features that are necessary for editing. It can help you with fine tuning the temperature, colors, and other visual effects. It can help you with eliminating the background and adding new one according to the need. And it can add special effects like Sepia to add that old footage effect.

Speed up Video Playback

Unique feature of Videopad includes change of video playback time. You can easily speed up your video or add slow motion to the sequences. Doing the reverse playback is quite easy with this tool. In order to slow down or speed up a clip, simply choose the button of Speed Effect. From there you can adjust the speeding options just the way you please. Below 100 slows down the video and above 100 just speeds things up.

Chroma Key

Get a boring background? Worry not. With your little novice expertise and the right features, you can change the background via chroma key just as you please. You can incorporate two clips together and flawlessly put them together into video clips or backdrops.

Videopad also helps users to export their media files to various social networks with ease. You can also seamlessly convert a 2D file into 3D with this wonderful app. If you are interested in installing this tool, download it from here.  This program is available for both windows and mac. If you are specifically looking for tools only for Windows XP, read our post here.

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