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VSCD Free Audio CD Grabber: Keep Your Old Audio As Good As New

With VSCD free audio CD grabber people can now have the golden days back when we used to listen to our favorite songs on CD player. The technology has taken a huge leap over the past decade and things have gone a lot more innovative than before. We have several new gadgets that have artistically replaced old machines. Take CD player for instance – we have now iPod and smart-phones to cover its functions.

Why Do We Need VSCD Free Audio CD Grabber?

We all have some old DVDs lying around the house that have some amazing music stored for us. Throwing CDs away are not going to do us any favor. However, we can easily transfer the audios from our old-school CDs in to our laptops and computers. Now that’s something gold. Here, VSCD free audio CD grabber comes to our rescue.

Many convertors are available online that can help you turn your CD’s audio files into mp3 files in your laptops. But if you are specifically running Windows operating program, then you must choose VSCD free audio CD grabber as it is the best one out. There’s no other divine app for Windows that can let you rip audio files with ease.

The Features

This tool is a gem because it is free and also because it comes with a user-interface that is smooth. You are not going to meet road bumps or cranky jumps with this software. The overview you are going to see is simple and has a display that features all of the crucial information related to audio files. You have supported formats available as well from where you can select the one format you wish your new file to be in. You can also have fun with playback options that let you listen, stop, or pause the file so you can decide whether you want to keep it or not.

Other interesting features include:

  • Preset Adjustments: Present settings let users adjust options like quality of audio, output directory and required output. You can edit these options according to your preference and save them by pressing Grab.
  • Audio Formats: there are multiple formats in which you can save your audio files like MP3, AMR, AU, WMA, MP4, AIFF, WAV, OGG, and many more.
  • Quality and Speed: it doesn’t mean if this software is helping you with CDs and DVDs, it is going to be a slow ride. Conversely, this program works on high-speed by producing high-end audio ripping files.

You can download the VSCD free audio CD grabber from here. If you want to learn more about free video editing software, read this.

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