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Favorite Pick of the Day: VSCD Video Editing Software

The prime focus of our website is to bring to your service the best free editors including the ones like VSCD video editing software that is incomparable. It is beyond any doubt a tool that encompasses all the necessary features that a video editor must have. Since not all of us are able to acquire fancy, high-end editing software that come with a big bulk of price, free editing software VSCD helps us in every possible way.

Astounding Audio and Video Effects

There are tons of ways to judge a tool but if it doesn’t provide quality editing of audio and video then it surely is a disappointment. With VSCD video editor, you can achieve a brilliant end result with just few clicks. Since the tool accompanies a lot of visual effects, programmers have divided them all into five categories. These are object transformation, transition effects, color correction, special fx and object filters.


We all have some videos that are brilliant but there are things in it that you just want to take out. Masking helps users to blur, hide or even highlight certain features or aspects of their video. They can also add special effects both outside and inside the masked region. The most common use of this effect is to mask unwanted face by blurring it or even hide identity when needed.

Instagram-ish Filters

Instagram has no doubt did a brilliant job with its filters, which makes us wish to have each one of them installed in our camera. With VSCD, you can add such filters to your video. Use a wide range of adjustable parameters and make your video professionally amazing.

Subpixel Accuracy

As we have mentioned earlier, not all video editing software know the art of keeping the quality intact after editing. With subpixel accuracy, your added details will never harm the smooth animation and transformation of the final product.

VSCD is also known as the famous Audio CD Grabber. If you wish to learn how you can keep your old audios new, click on the link here. Or simply download VSCD by clicking here.


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