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VSDC Free Video Editor Software For Windows

VSDC Video Editor Software For Windows

VSDC is a free video editor software for Windows operating system. If you are an expert, you can create professional videos in almost all major formats.

vsdc video editor for windows

VSDC Free Video Editor Software For Windows

Yes, it’s 100% free. None of the program features requires payment. You can use every feature of the free video editing software VSDC and believe me, there are NO WATERMARKS.

VSDC Free Video Editor Software Overview

The VSDC free video editor software not just supports major file formats, but it also gives you an advantage of using advance video effects, object transformation, color correction and many more. You can also add audio music to your video using VSDC audio effects including but not limited to volume correction, sound normalization.

VSDC Video Editor

Many people mix the two terms. Video editing and video converting. Both are completing different. Let’s first check VSDC Video Editing features.

Take full advantage of the free video editor software for Windows and merge different videos, cut selected frames, apply built-in audio/visual effects as well as add your own which requires advance learning, add images and apply image correction filters and much more.

It’s not just a video editor that outputs a video file. You can also create video slideshows with soundtracks. With advantage features you can give your video a professional look.

VSDC Video Converter

Do you already have a video file in one format and looking for a free video converter software for Windows so you can convert it to other formats without loosing video and audio quality?

VSDC video converter supports almost all major file format. It’s very easy and don’t require advance learning. Take advantage of the easy to use interface, functions of VSDC video converter software for windows and convert your file to any format.

VSDC Audio Converter

VSDC audio converter tool is very useful. You can convert any audio file from one format to another. This free video editing software for windows gives you complete audio file format support as well as tons of codes.

You can also manage your playlists, meta tags. Even if you like a sound track from any video, you can see VSDC audio converter tool to extract audio that you like and save it on your computer in any audio format.

Audio CD Grabber

Like a sound / audio track that is on CD (compact disc)? Now there is no need to first download entire CD content to your computer first and then grab audio tracks.

VSDC audio CD grabber tool is also free and it allows you to directly grab audio tracks from CD, save them on your computer in any format that VSDC supports. Almost all audio formats and codecs are supported in VSDC software. The catch is that VSDC Audio CD Grabber can also extract track details from FreeDB server and can rename files as well as it’s meta tags automatically.

Download Free VSDC Video Editor Software For Windows

So far we learned what VSDC is offering. Now I will share VSDC Free Video Editor software for Windows features in detail.

The free video editor is designed to edit video files and create any level of complex videos with visual effects, audios and more. Software is very easy and it hardly requires you to learn. You might need learning when you want to use advance features.

Why Download Free Video Editor Software “VSDC”?

VSDC video editor software for Windows is completely free. Yes, it’s FREE. There are no ads, no watermarks, no trial periods. 🙂

Salient Features Of VSDC Video Editor Software

Below are some of the salient features of VSDC Video Editor.

Non-linear video Editor Tool

VSDC video editor is a non-linear tool. This means that in VSDC video editor, scenes don’t come one after the another in a linear sequence or a specific order. Instead this useful tool allows you to position the objects anywhere on your timeline with any size.

Easy To Browse Visual & Audio Effects

Since there are hundreds and hundred of visual and audio effects available in the free video editor software, these are split into categories so you can easily browse them. These categories are color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fx.

Instagram Like Filters

Are you a newbie or looking to save time, then take advantage of stylish instagram like filters that you can apply in single click.


Use VSDC video editor masking and hide, blur, highlight objects in your video.

VSDC Free Video Editor Software For Windows

Share On Social Media

Don’t worry if you want to create video for social media or for smartphones. VSDC free video editor has built-in profiles that can save your video in reduced file size without loosing video quality.

Sub Pixel Accuracy

Add smooth animation, rotation, transformation and precise positioning with sub pixel accuracy function.

Popular File Format Support

VSDC free video editor software for windows support virtually all file formats for video, audio, image and codec.

To learn which formats and codec are supported by VSDC free video editor, checkout VSDC video editor supported formats post.

H265/HEVC Codec Support

VSDC Video Editor is the only tool for Windows that allow you to export in H265/HEVC codec. This means you will get highest level of quality as well as reduced file size. You can process this for 4K and HD files.

Multimedia Device Support

Now you can easily create video for multimedia device including but not limited to DVD players, Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad), PSP, any other smartphones, Sony playstation, XBOX, Zune, Blackberry and more.

Video Stabilization Tool

Remove shaking effects, jitter from your video that is created on the go or using drones etc, And turn into a smooth video.

Upload Video To Youtube

Now there is no need to switch between tools or tabs. VSDC free video editor software can directly upload video to your Youtube, thus saving your time.

Export To DVD

Burn your video to CD/DVD with the built-in DVD burning tool.

Download VSDC Free Video Editor Software

You can download VSDC video editor software for Windows from official website. To download, click here.

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